Cisco Live - Just Arrived

2nd Floor. Out of 4.
Welcome to Cisco Live!
Well here I am, Cisco Live! Florida is everything you'd expected it to be. It monsooned for half an hour, it's 90 degrees f, it feels like 200 % humidity outside, but I am ever so excited to be here. I have a little time to kill before I could check into the hotel so I walked over to the Convention Center to scout it out before the Dream Team meets tonight and grabs some food.

I wish I could convey properly, the size of this place. They weren't kidding when they kept telling us "comfortable shoes, comfortable shoes". It's massive! I only got the briefest looks around (just a teaser) before I needed to go check into the hotel but wow. The place has more events going on then I can wrap my head around, and I only saw just part of it. This is going to be epic.
View from the Rosen Centre Hotel
So as far as I can tell today is really just an orientation day, so we are free to just look around, find our rooms, and meet the other team members. Tomorrow will be when the rodeo starts. There will be much much more to come, but for now check out the sweet view from the hotel room!

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