Cisco Live - Day One

Getting Badges
Day one is at an end. Today has been a whirlwind of activity and greetings. While looking for something to eat me and a fellow Team B member ran into Team A who were finished with there shifts at Cisco Live. I kid you not they looked like they had done battle. What an absolute great bunch of guys. They shared stories with us, about things that had gone wrong, things that had gone right. Some of them were even limping due to the amount of walking that had to be done to run cable and set up switches in the miles and miles of the convention center. A running theme among all of us here is that everyone is using a Pedometer App to keep track of and compare just how far people are walking/running at the center. As of right now Team A averaged nearly 15 miles per day!

Dream Team A
  This first day was a little chaotic due to all Team Leaders and Cisco Engineers solving last minute problems before Cisco Live kicks off. One thing is for sure, I'm very glad to run into the A Team to get to know them and see what they went through. I wish we had more time together, both teams combined, but at least we caught them at the tail end and got to have dinner with them before they go back home.  As the night wore down we finally got to meet our Team Leaders who are an amazing bunch! +Karen Woodard (@acc_woodardk) and +Patrick Gargano  (@PatrickGargano) are great and though we haven't officially worked with them yet, Team A had nothing but great things to say about them. Karen sat down with us on her down time and told us a little bit about what to expect and now I am totally excited. The pressure is on!
Team Leaders: Karen and Patrick

We will be taking tickets and be sent out to all the various booths and helping troubleshoot problems. Some of them might be as simple as 'a cable was unplugged' some might be as complex as 'vlan and trunking issues'. This will all need to be figured out and solved on the fly as presentations try to meet their deadlines. 

Even though the day started out with a bit of waiting, it ended with a whole lot of information and great people who I personally am excited to work with. This is my first real life hands on experience and I can't wait to jump right in.

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