Contact pages seem kind of silly now a days doesn't it? You and I both know there's a hundred ways to get in contact with people in today's world. This contact page is here to keep all those forms of contact in one convenient place. Feel free to contact me about any questions, concerns, and comments you might have.

If you run into me out in the "real world" feel free to contact me through the Talking™ app, the worlds oldest audible vocal communication software. I usually have that program running in the background somewhere in my head.

Electonic Mail
The fastest way to reach me would be via email address. With push notifications on our phones these days this is as good as a text message. I can be reached at

It's pretty safe to assume that I'm on twitter in one way or another throughout the entire day so feel free to send me a tweet, follow, or DM me.

I can be connected via LinkedIn as well. If you already have a connection with me all of my more deliberate forms of contact (phone and address) can be located there.

Google Plus
Google Plus is a fantastic tool that I use and check frequently. Feel free to add me there. I can also be reached via Hangouts.

My skype username is IkeTheNetworkGuy (go figure). If you feel the need to talk to me live "in person" feel free to contact me on Skype.

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