Calculating...Why Computers Told Me to Choose MATC.

I am a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College, enrolled in the Information Technology Networking Specialist program. For me, choosing where to get a degree from is based on two factors, money and my general lack of it. The reason I chose the IT program was simple, computers rule, literally! They have permeated every facet of life  as we know it, and I for one, humbly embrace our artificial overlords with open arms.

The decision to attend MATC was made very simple for me, its affordable. For the price, the education I'm getting is well worth it. I chose to put myself through college by paying for tuition and books out of pocket to avoid debt. This just wouldn't be possible with some other schools in my area. At the same time, the school that I attend would need to have a strong program that could improve my chances of getting a career. In my opinion, MATC offers a great value for the education. Which just left this user to choose a degree.

Ever since Al Gore invented the internet, I have been a fan of computers. It's always been the one thing in my life that I haven't been afraid to tinker with.  I can even remember, as a child, my first DOS based 286. Sitting down completely clueless as to how the thing worked. I would start typing in the prompt "What do I do, computer?", as if it would answer me "Shall we play a game?". Not too long after that the internet exploded! Years later, I would be building my own machines from the ground up. I have always enjoyed computers, and marvel at what they are capable of. So to me, it was a no-brainer. Do what you are good at. Why Networking? Because a computer without a network, in my opinion, is just a oversized calculator. And somebody has to get Skynet up and running. Why not me?