Cisco Live - Day Three

John Chambers, Cisco CEO
Today went as smooth as it could get. We woke up early, as usual, had our breakfast and headed out to the Network Operations Center. From there we split up into our groups and headed out to our stations. Today I was assigned to the NOC support desk. I would take any issues and create tickets for support to come check out our booths. The great thing is that there were very few problems so everything was running tip top.

 After a few hours we were all radioed to meet back up and head towards the Keynote Room to go listen to Cisco CEO John Chambers speak. It was incredible. The room sat thousands, and the demonstrations were stunning. Just getting to attend the keynote was awesome but then afterwards Karen Woodard arranged for us to get our pictures taken with Mr. Chambers which, let me tell you, felt epic!

Jim Grubb, VP Corporate Communications
After the keynote ended we headed back and this time I was assigned to the wireless help desk where I helped get people connected wirelessly as well as connect to the Cisco Live mobile app. Even that itself  was pretty easy going as not many people today were having issues connecting. Again we were radioed in to head back to NOC. This time to meet with Jim Grubb, VP Corporate Communications (and CEO sidekick) and picked his brain a bit.

Keith Barker, CBT Nuggets
At this point we ran a little more support for the World of Solutions and then headed out for our first real break at the Cisco Press Appreciation  event. Here we got to meet and talk with authors of various Cisco Certification Books and had tons of conversations with +Scott Empson , author of the CCNA Portable Command Guide (@scottempson) about the coming changes to the CCENT and CCNA program. I also ran into one of my online heroes +Keith Barker  (@keithbarkerCCIE) of CBTnuggets, who I've watched nearly 40 hours of training videos, and who I consider one of my favorite online trainers. He was great and it was really awesome to bump into him while we were on some R&R.

In the end it was a great day that went completely smoothly. We got to meet a lot of important people for Cisco and learned a lot about how the company operates and what it's plans are for the future. Oh and by the way, in case you were still wondering, the prize for the picture of the day was a pretty sweet social media t-shirt. So...score.

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