Cisco Live - Day Two

Dream Team B
I am exhausted, in absolutely a good way. Today we assisted the NOC (Network Operations Center) with the opening of the World of Solutions room. Before things started off we go to have breakfast and talk to Pat Finn, Senior Vice Present of Cisco's U.S Public Sector. That was really great to hear him tell us how much he appreciated us being there. We had a great photo shoot after breakfast and then we headed out to get things started.
Pat Finn SVP of Cisco US Public Sector
Our team leaders familiarized us with the different area's we would be working in and we got to meet some of the Cisco Engineers and see them in action. Let me just go on the record and say that the absolute scale of the hundreds of access points and the miles of networking cable laid out to get even just 'this' room ready, is mind boggling.

Assembly of Access Points
When the doors to the World of Solutions opened the room went from a bunch of people setting up booths, to what felt like 10 thousand people in a matter of an hour. It was thrilling. Great food everywhere, and awesome presentations. This is when the real work kicked off. From this moment we were sent to our various positions. I ran first tier troubleshooting for any booths that needed assistance with connectivity issues. If an issue couldn't be handled by me, I radioed in to the NOC and escalated the issue to them. If I could solve the issue, then I did and moved on to the next booth that needed help. It was amazing to see so many people at the conference center. I basically ran support until the World of Solutions closed for the day and then when everyone was gone...there was more work to be done. The Dream Teamed helped set up a bunch of wireless access points all over the western end of the conference after closing time. So we started our day at 6:30 am and here I am at 11:00 pm writing up the day's thoughts before I have to sleep and do it all over again. I really, really had a lot of fun today. Especially being able to knock out an issue that a presenter was having and getting to return to the knock with a big smile on my face.

World of Solutions Room
Tomorrow I wake up at 6:30 and we do it all over again. Might not be as exciting on the repeat, but really today has been real blast. My feet however disagree with me.

Oh and just before I logged off I just received a text from Patrick our team leader that I won picture of the day, so I'll have to stop by the Social Media Hub and claim my prize. Nice ending to a great day.

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