Remove Community Post from Appearing on Your Google+ Profile

If you've been using Google+, you may have noticed that posted content in your communities shows up in your profile. It may not seem like the biggest of deals, but if you're sharing the same content throughout multiple communities, it can start to clutter up your profile with redundant posts. Also, you may just want to keep your activity within your communities separate from what shows up if those in your circles visit your profile. (hey, I'm not here to judge) Google+ does offer an easy way to remove communities posts from appearing. Here's how...

Step 1

Mouse over to the Home button. This will bring up a drop down menu.

Step 2
From the drop down menu, at the bottom, click Settings.

Step 3
From the settings page scroll all the way down to the Profile section and look for the option that says "Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile." and uncheck it.

Step 4
Return to your Google+ profile and confirm that your communities posts no longer appear.

That's it! Your communities posts should no longer appear on your profile. Now only the NSA will know what your doing in there. Cheers!

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