If the world doesn't explode tomorrow..I'm gonna go for my Network+ Certification

It's finally here! School's on winter break. Freedom from academics, for a whole month. What am I gonna do with all this free time I now have? Watch TV, play video games, study Mayan calendars?  I know! I'll study even more for my CompTIA Network+ Exam next month.

 After my Business and Social Media class ended last Thursday I purchased a Network+ exam voucher from my instructor +Anthony Stanislawski . He offers them to current and former students who have taken his ITnet 101 Network+ course, and I made sure I picked one up. Broke and student, are a synonymous status for me right now, and whilst the $125 price tag hurts my already deflated pockets, not getting the discounted voucher and forking out $253 to take the test eventually would not be the smartest of fiscal decisions. That's when I realized, I have a whole month off, and there's no better time to try to get certified than now. All the material is fresh from class and I have time to memorize all the detailed stuff. After signing up at Pearson Vue I checked their available dates and it turned out there was only one available next month in January! That's out of 5 testing sites too, so I lucked out there.

As a side note the correct test to take for those with vouchers is JK0-019. The JK0-019 is the same as the N10-055. The CompTIA Network+ will be the first major certification step towards my IT career. So, assuming the world doesn't explode tomorrow, I'll be here brushing over my CBTnuggets and TestOut material.

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